Using data to unlock understanding

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At NyteTime we believe in giving venue owners the best chance of success in a competitive market. We thus specialise in data analysis for nightclubs and bars, providing effective metrics to help increase profits. Providing forecasts of venue attendance to better plan staff and stock, as well as finding out the key drivers that are bringing customers to your location.

We also feel there is a lot to learn in general about the nightlife industry, understandings that may affect all businesses.

This is why we created insights, a blog where we provide information based on case studies and data analysis that could help improve the running of your venue. With topics ranging from how lighting affects the mood of your clients, to the type of DJ  best suited for your venue, we  hope to provide key insights that are of interest to you.

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About Josh Quartey
Josh Quartey is the CEO and founder of the company NyteTime. After studying Economics at the University of Leicester, attaining an award for his data analysis dissertation, he went to work for the business analytics department at advertising agency MediaCom and energy forecasting company TESLA Europe.
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